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Madhura Lingayat on From where the trains depart
Loved it :)

Swapnil Karekar on Maximum City indeed.
Amazing moment captured... needs no words to explain. So Simply and True. Great Work Amit !

kirti on Blue blue
wao! luv d composition nd colour :D

Sneha Bendre on From where the trains depart
I actually hate the subway structure.. but this is an interesting way of adding it to the VT structure and almost make ...

Sneha Bendre on Blue blue
Its lovely! I wanted more, you wanted less.. Its nice!

*MЯG* on From where the trains depart

allVishal on From where the trains depart
Lovely! Great juxtaposition of the old and the new. (btw, did you use the GEGL method I tutorialed on my blog for the ...

STEED on From where the trains depart
Well done ...

Sandra Halverstadt on From where the trains depart
Nice black and white. I like the tilt. It gives the building more drama.

Scene by Sharon Photography on Sprinkler Rush
WOW !!

MARIANA on Blue blue
cool compo and angle ... is good you did not have any girl sitting up there in a short skirt :))

Hiro on Sprinkler Rush
Pipe Burst Deluge Water ? Wow, incredible shot !

Loner on Sprinkler Rush
An excellent shot !

Hiro on Blue blue
nice colors and nice angle !

STEED on Blue blue
Cool colours.......................Like this picture...

Sandi Halverstadt on twilight rider
Looks like a ghostly figure.

Dimitrios on twilight rider
cool and imaginative

Manu on twilight rider

Ghassan on twilight rider
Good job.

Pooja on Gods for sale
A stunning picture!

Satvik on Sparrows on song
Nice shot ! Sparrows are such a rare sight in most of the Indian cities today.

Divya on Maximum City indeed.
Where have all the trees gone? Good one..

Curly on Magma
Tip: always shoot RAW files, process using Adobe Camera RAW, use "as shot" for colour temperature mainly, and ...

Curly on Magma
I love the wild tilt, also the exposure, the colour temperature is perfect (many night shots are just far too warm with ...

Pooja on Holding on
My first reaction on seeing this was OMG! Seriously this one is absolutely stunning & a great pleasure to look at.

Pooja on Magma
Where did you click this pic from? Amazing it is :)

Divya on Arachophilia
BTW, I love spiders too :-P

Divya on Arachophilia
Great catch. awesome pic :-)

Divya on Leap large obstacles in a single bound
Nice click :-)

k@ on Leap large obstacles in a single bound
Awful beast, beautiful shot !

Amit Suvarna on Bug eyed winger
Thank you Mirko. I've still a LOT to learn. May I say that your work is really inspiring? Awe-inspiring even.

Mirko Herzner on Bug eyed winger
A really good try. I like your angle on this shot.

Piyush Nahata on Crow
One of the best pics, i think twitter should buy this one for the indian office :P

Amit Suvarna on In the woods
They always did say amazing things come in nice colorful little packages. :) . Thanks for dropping by. Please visit ...

Amit Suvarna on Arachophilia
Thanks a lot for your comment. What can I say? I got lucky :)

Loner on In the woods
Wow, what a wonderful butterfly ! Very cut and great colors !

Loner on Arachophilia
A great macro from this spider ! Very well done !

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